Nail Saver Scrub Copper Sponge

Nail Saver Scrub Copper Sponge

Bacteria is your enemy – We have the solution, the Copper Sponge!

Comes in a pack of 2 units

Sponge dimensions
3.5 x 2.75 x 1.5 in.

Made with real non-abrasive copper! 

Studies have shown that copper is able to destroy the viruses, bacteria & fungus that threaten our lives. Microbes can live on hard surfaces for up to five days. Copper ions eliminate them within minutes.


Fast drying, self draining and antibacterial, which will not encourage bad odors.

Sustainable Design:

Does not need water to stay soft and manageable.

Gentle but Strong:

Perfect for everyday cleaning; great at cleaning pots, pans, sinks, ovens, ceramic cook-tops, glass, stainless steel and more.